Весь мир у наших ног

Honor costs more than money

OOne lusted glance induced a whole range of events which, like a shot would plunge a young lady ‘Aliya’ into a criminal abyss. But even in that vortex of flame and passion standing on the rocks, at the death’s door she had the only bailout remained which was her true love. It was crucial at that moment to endeavor a lot in order to preserve the honor and dignity and at that point the whole world would be at your feet!
The production of this movie brought together on one set such starry cast like: Armand Assante, Peter O’Toole, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Michael Madsen, Tommy Lister, Don Dragon Wilson, Оlivier Gruner and Bolo Yeung. Alexei Frandetti was representing Russia, while Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova, Nurlan Altayev, Mikhail Tokarev, Serik Bimurzin and Murat Bisenbin were from Kazakhstan.


  • This is the first Kazakhstani movie which may claim to have a wide-scale global distribution and may be released in front of the worldwide audience.

    Salamat Mukhammmed-Ali tackled with a full-length movie production for the first time ever and after having obtained the financial support of prominent entrepreneurs succeeded in attracting world-renowned actors such as: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Michael Madsen and three-time nominee for the ‘Golden Globe’ prize for the TV project implementation – Armand Assante, who also acted as a producer of the movie. A bit party was also performed by recently departed Peter O’Toole - holder of three ‘Golden Globe’ awards. No matter how ‘volcanic’ this action movie might seem but it is obvious that the Kazakhstani film makers are striving to enter the Asian film market, and this movie’s action style at which Asian film directors got the knack of it, will be the most acceptable.

    “Russia 24” TV channel, "Film Industry" Program
  • “The Whole World at our Feet” is a most entertaining and fascinating movie. Properly chosen exotic locations add a special flavor of glamour and luxury. Excellent camera work, thundering good acting, including outstanding Peter O’Toole’s performance. This movie obviously gives a lot of delight.

    Producer, “Oscar” Prize winner - Gray Frederickson – USA
  • The movie “The Whole World at our Feet” may really blow anyone’s mind. It is extremely lively, unhackneyed and unpredictable! Thumbs up to the film director, who has managed to splice so artistically two genres: action with drama style. His artistic flair contributed to the emotional charge build-up, which can be compared with the “roller-coaster” amusement ride and more than ever can give a genuine thrill!

    Individual producer/Film-maker/ Screenwriter – Peter Zhmutsky, USA
  • Flashy, screaming love story, kind of a present-day tale narrated in an original cinema manner. The film-makers managed to create a very distinctive surrealistic realm which exists according to its own rigid instinctive rules, but where the good and love after surmounting a whole range of break-neck clashes would overcome the evil and avidity and would prove eventually the Supreme truth that Love may rescue the world.

    Scenario writer and screenwriter – Oleg Makarov, Russia

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